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An innovative social app with the mission of creating connections between people using an editable QR code on a T-Shirt


About Wear Your Space

Wear Your Space is a start-up that has a vision to transform social apps by placing face-to-face interactions at the forefront. In this platform, each user is provided with a virtual space on a T-shirt with a unique QR code. Users have complete control over their QR codes, allowing them to monitor and reset the count of people who have scanned their T-shirts.

The QR code offers versatile customization options. It can be used to showcase an image along with accompanying text, redirect to external websites, link to various social media profiles (including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tinder, and more), or select an image from the app's gallery if the user lacks specific content.

Client name



Social Media & Clothing

Company Size



Product Development, Mobile Development, Web Development, UI/UX Design, DevOps

Head Office

Bucharest, Romania

Project Duration

9 months

Technology Stack

Figma, Flutter, NestJS, ReactJS, MongoDB, Firebase, Docker

Key Project Features

Increased Efficiency

Developed a high-efficiency cloud storage system where every QR code has a limited storage available and every information uploaded is compressed and deleted if it is not in use.

Ease of Use

We made a mobile app that's both simple and attractive, with an easy-to-understand interface so that anyone can use it comfortably.

Social Media Integration

We have included predefined links for major social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Tinder, Snapchat, and LinkedIn, simplifying the process for users to share their accounts.

Easy to Scan

We invested a significant amount of time and effort into creating a highly effective QR scanner within the Wear Your Space App. Our goal was to ensure that users find it more convenient to use our app's QR scanner instead of the one built into their phone's camera.

Management Dashboard

Developed a complex dashboard that allows administrators to access information about every user and their respective T-shirts. Administrators can modify T-shirt details, supplement information, export databases, and perform quick edits by scanning T-shirts.

Landing Page

Designed and built a Landing Page from scratch to present the idea of this start-up to anybody who has his first contact Wear Your Space.

Client’s Challenge

Wear Your Space Client's Challenge

Our client, came to us with a vision. This vision was not just about introducing a new product or service, but about instigating a shift in the way people behave and perceive the intersection of fashion and technology. The challenge was formidable; it’s not easy to encourage people to adopt new habits, especially when those habits involve integrating technology into something as personal and expressive as fashion. The client understood that creativity and uniqueness were key to overcoming this challenge. They needed to create a product that was not only functional but also engaging and unique enough to capture people’s imagination. The goal was to create a clear brand identity that stood out as an innovative platform in the market. Our objective was to create a platform where users could modify their QR codes to display whatever they wanted - be it a message, an image, or a link to their favorite website or social media profile.

How Did We Help

Wear Your Space How Did We Help

We began by discussing the project details with the client and enhancing their concept. After finalizing the app's design using Figma, we developed a user-friendly app that lets users personalize their t-shirts with QR codes. Each t-shirt is associated with an account, allowing the owner to customize the QR code with text, images, links, social media profiles, or fun images. Scanning the QR code reveals the owner's chosen content. The owners can monitor scans, manage t-shirts, and even gift them to friends. The app offers Google, Facebook and Apple registration and login. We also built an admin dashboard for the app, allowing for T-shirt details modification, information addition, database exports, and quick edits via T-shirt scans. Additionally, we crafted a ReactJS landing page to showcase the product and attract users, thereby enhancing the brand’s visibility.

Our Main Challenge

Wear Your Space Our Main Challenge

One of the primary challenges we faced during this project was the client’s desire to incorporate colorful and creative QR codes on the t-shirts. This posed a significant obstacle as QR code scanners are typically optimized for black and white codes, and introducing color could potentially compromise the scanning quality. We had to experiment with various methods and techniques to ensure that the scanner could accurately and efficiently read QR codes of any color, maintaining the functionality without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal.

Project synopsis

We were fortunate to collaborate with a motivated client who entrusted us with the journey of transforming an idea into a fully launched start-up. Throughout this endeavor, we honed our skills in efficiently constructing a QR code scanner, a pivotal component of our project. Our client's constant involvement and feedback allowed us to enhance our communication abilities and refine our work processes. Moreover, this venture exposed us to unforeseen coding challenges, which, when conquered, greatly enriched our expertise in the field.

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