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A user-friendly platform where retailers find meticulously crafted custom bundles by Unfrosen, all at unbeatable prices.


About Unfrosen Lots

Unfrosen Lots is an online platform for retailers seeking to stock their stores with clothing. They can browse through custom bundles curated by Unfrosen, all offered at unbeatable prices. The platform provides a user-friendly mobile interface with statistics for each bundle to enhance conversion rates.

We designed the Dashboard to be straightforward, integrating apps already in use by Unfrosen for uploading bundles and tracking every sale made through the platform.

Client name



B2B Marketplace

Company Size

2 - 10 employees


Web Development, DevOps

Head Office

Bucharest, Romania

Project Duration

2 months

Technology Stack

NextJS, NestJS, MongoDB, Google API

Key Project Features

Increased Compatibility

We've engineered a highly compatible app that seamlessly operates across a range of devices aimed at boosting conversion rates.

Bundle Statistics

Utilized bundle data to create statistics, helping buyers gauge suitability without checking individual products.

Ease of Use

Implemented a streamlined flow with fewer screens and incorporated tabs to reduce page loading before accessing desired information.

Google Spreadsheet Integration

Integrated Google Spreadsheet to ensure the Unfrosen team can efficiently utilize the platform without any learning curve.

Bundle Management Dashboard

Developed an easy-to-use bundle management dashboard to assist the Unfrosen team in adding and updating bundles of products.

Client’s Challenge

Unfrosen Client's Challenge

Unfrosen faced a challenge in effectively showcasing their bundles to customers. While they had the ability to create appealing bundles, they struggled to capture their clients' attention. They relied on Google Spreadsheets for bundle presentation, yet confronted a significant impediment: the majority of clients accessed these spreadsheets via mobile devices, resulting in a suboptimal viewing experience for the products. Consequently, this bottlenecked conversion rates. Additionally, Unfrosen encountered difficulties in facilitating buying intent for their lots. They had to engage with each client individually, sending them the lots and then awaiting their response regarding purchase interest.

How Did We Help

Unfrosen How Did We Help

We began by thoroughly understanding how bundles functioned because we needed to ensure that our platform would be compatible with their existing Google Spreadsheet format for bundles. Additionally, we integrated a Google Spreadsheet for order tracking. Our client desired a dashboard that was simple and aligned with their workflow. Subsequently, we swiftly implemented the design to launch the platform promptly, ensuring that Unfrosen wouldn't miss out on any potential clients due to their previous workflow.

Our Main Challenge

Unfrosen Our Main Challenge

Our primary challenge was ensuring that our platform could comprehend various Google Spreadsheet formats since Unfrosen's bundle creation team occasionally made slight changes to the format. We quickly adapted the platform to accommodate these new formats, ensuring it was ready for launch from the outset.

Project Synopsis

We collaborated closely with the Unfrosen teams to develop a user-friendly web application for retailers looking to replenish their clothing store inventory. Despite facing tight deadlines and encountering minor adjustments during the development process, effective communication enabled us to launch the platform on the predetermined date.

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