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A complete social media analytics tool to measure performance, track posts, competitors, and more


About Socialinsider

Socialinsider is a smart and simple social media benchmarking tool that provides valuable insights for brands in social media. It offers a range of analytics tools to measure social media performance, perform in-depth content analysis, and obtain profile and post-level analytics. With Socialinsider, you can gain competitive intelligence and benchmarks, campaign intelligence and content performance, as well as advanced analytics and reporting.

The platform enables you to run competitor analysis, understand what’s working and what’s not, and measure the effectiveness of your social media strategy. It also provides post-level performance insights to help you improve your social media strategy.

Client name

Code Path


Social media analytics

Company Size

20 - 50 employees


Web Development, Front-end, Back-end

Head Office

Bucharest, Romania

Partnership Since

October 2021

Technology Stack

AngularJS, Javascript, SCSS, Grunt, NodeJS, Ghost, HTML

Key Project Features

Increased Performance

Improved the performance of the website with asynchronous techniques for loading external scripts and more focus on SCSS rather than Vanilla JS scripts.

Reduced Costs

We have optimised the costs of development by implementing each project fast after good approximations with the client.

High Availability

Showed high availability for the client in order to achieve high results in a shorter period of time.

Good Communication

Established a good communication channel to transmit constant updates about a project and to improve the partnership.


Adapted fast to the code base and implemented projects with technologies already used by the client.

Client’s Challenge

Printech Client's Challenge

The client's main challenge was forming an efficient project team while also cutting down on hiring and training expenses. They needed to identify individuals with the right set of skills and experience who could work well together to achieve the project's goals. This involved not only finding suitable candidates but also ensuring they could collaborate effectively within the team dynamics. They looked for cost-effective ways to build the team and manage their budget, exploring strategies to achieve project success while saving money.

How Did We Help

Printech How Did We Help

By bringing in additional team members through us, the client quickly assembled a more capable and diversified group of individuals. This helped them address the initial challenge of forming an effective team. With a broader range of skills and experiences at their disposal, the client's team became better equipped to meet the project's goals. Moreover, the team extension through us also contributed to cost reduction for the client. Instead of investing heavily in recruiting and training new employees, they leveraged the existing expertise of the extended team members, which proved to be a cost-effective approach.

Our Main Challenge

Printech Our Main Challenge

One significant challenge is fitting in and working effectively with the client's team. It's important to understand their company culture and get along well with their people. Making sure your team's technical tools and ways of doing things match the client's can be tricky. It's like trying to play a game with different rules. So, it's essential to get everyone on the same page when it comes to the technical stuff.

Project Synopsis

The collaboration with Socialinsider proved to be mutually advantageous. Socialinsider achieved cost reductions and streamlined its development process, while we gained the valuable opportunity to work with an exceptionally high-performing team. This synergy resulted in benefits for both parties involved.

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