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Web Development

A presentation website which showcases Printech's IT services and provides users with rental options, subscription models, and printer details with pricing.


About Printech Website

Printech's website now stands as a premier platform among printing equipment rental companies. It boasts an impressive SEO score, ensuring a prominent presence within the top three Google search results for printing equipment rentals across every city in Romania. The website features a sleek and contemporary design, guaranteeing optimal compatibility across all screen sizes, including mobiles and tablets.

Additionally, facilitating seamless interaction with Printech and enabling customized printer subscription orders has been a core focus. Navigating on this platform is now effortless, allowing clients to effortlessly connect with Printech and tailor their printer solutions to meet their specific requirements.

Client name

Printech Company


E-commerce & IT

Company Size

10 - 20 employees


Web Development, UI/UX Design, Frontend, DevOps, SEO

Head Office

Targu-Jiu, Romania

Project Duration

2 months

Technology Stack

React, Bootsrap, NextJS, Nginx, Sendgrid

Key Project Features

Increased Performance

We rebuilt the website structure to improve the speed scores and ensure smooth performance, even with the high number of functionalities.

Search Engine Optimization

We carefully incorporated all of Google's latest SEO recommendations to ensure that the website ranks at the top of search results.

Great Product Page

We revamped the product page with detailed printer info, subscription customization, and multiple contact methods, aiming to increase client conversions with the new design.

Great Communication

We included various ways for clients to contact Printech, ensuring they can seek assistance at any time to make informed decisions when selecting equipment.

Client’s Challenge

Printech Client's Challenge

Our client approached us with a clear challenge: they needed a complete overhaul of their online presence to capture a larger share of the internet-driven customer base. Their primary goal was to develop a modern, technologically advanced website. The specific requirements included the creation of a responsive design and the attainment of a robust SEO score, ensuring high visibility to potential clients seeking printing equipment rental services across various cities in our country. The challenge rested on transforming Printech's online image to align with contemporary standards, making it easier for potential customers to find and engage with their services. This endeavor aimed to leverage the power of the internet to grow their customer base and solidify their digital presence.

How Did We Help

Printech How Did We Help

In response to the challenge posed by Printech, our approach was to create a dynamic, user-friendly website equipped with the latest technological innovations. We meticulously designed a responsive platform that ensures seamless user experiences across all devices, whether it be mobile phones, tablets, or desktops. Additionally, we implemented a robust SEO strategy, optimizing the website's content and structure to enhance its visibility in online searches. This comprehensive approach aimed to position Printech prominently in search engine results, effectively connecting them with potential clients across various cities in our country.

Our Main Challenge

Printech Our Main Challenge

Our primary challenge revolved around ensuring that Printech's website could effectively reach potential clients in every major city and county across Romania. To address this challenge, we devised a strategic solution: creating dedicated pages for each significant city and county. By implementing this approach, we ensured that Printech's online presence extended to every significant urban center and region, allowing them to connect with a diverse clientele base across the country. This strategy not only bolstered their digital footprint but also facilitated targeted engagement with local customers, aligning their online presence with their geographical reach and business goals.

Project Synopsis

Our collaboration with Printech was a pivotal project, offering us valuable insights into crafting websites with strong SEO foundations and establishing a robust online presence. We tackled the challenge of ensuring Printech's visibility in every major city and county in Romania by creating dedicated pages. This approach expanded their digital reach and localized engagement.

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