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Mobile app for referendum that transforms remote group collaboration, enabling problem-solving, informed decision-making, and constructive discussion in a structured, transparent environment.


About Deferendum

Deferendum aims to help people worldwide by using advanced technology to change how decisions are made. They want everyone's opinions to matter, with the ultimate goal of making democracy a real and active part of everyone's lives, so that people can shape their own future.

Deferendum is a robust mobile application designed to facilitate effective and transparent remote collaboration among groups. It enables them to collectively address pressing issues by raising, prioritizing, debating, and voting on proposed solutions through its two-part question structure. The Deferendum platform encourages constructive discussion and debate, while clearly defined roles for Group Administrator, Group Editor(s), and Group Members ensure that everyone can participate effectively and make informed decisions.

Client name

Golive Ondigital


Social Networking

Company Size



Mobile Development, UI/UX Design, DevOps

Head Office

Bucharest, Romania

Project Duration

4 months

Technology Stack

Figma, Flutter, NestJS, MySQL, SendGrid

Key Project Features


Just like in a democracy, Deferendum has clear roles for each group. Each group has an admin, and they can have one or more editors and regular group members. On top of that, there's also the Superadmin, who can create and delete groups and change their size limit.

Invite System

The Super Admin invites group admins to join the app by entering their email addresses within the application. We then utilize SendGrid to send an invitation email to the the group admin.

Different Stages

In the first stage, users can suggest topics and problems. Group members can like or dislike topics and comment to express their urgency. The editor then selects the most important topics and puts them up for a vote in the next stage, where people can vote and provide reasons for their choice.

Time Limited Questions

An important feature is that the voting stage has a set time limit, chosen by the editor when they propose the question. Once the time is up, the voting results are displayed along with some statistics.

Push Notifications

To ensure that people can actively participate in groups, we need to include push notifications in the app. This way, when an editor posts a question during the voting stage, all users will receive notifications.


The app's concept is to rapidly expand its user base, reaching large groups such as neighbo`rhoods or towns. To achieve this, it must be designed for easy scalability to accommodate a substantial number of users effectively.

Client’s Challenge

Deferendum Client's Challenge

The client faces a significant task in motivating community members to transition from their well-established communication routines on Facebook and WhatsApp groups to embrace the Deferendum app. This challenge stems from the need to not only provide a sense of comfort and familiarity to users but also to ensure that the app matches the performance standards set by Meta's popular alternatives. Simultaneously, they aimed to incorporate innovative features that enrich the overall user experience within the Deferendum app.

How Did We Help

Deferendum How Did We Help

We provided the client with a cost-effective solution that ensures the quality of the application is not compromised and makes it easier to expand. We began by creating a list of requirements that the client wanted to implement, along with some design ideas. We then closely followed the client’s ideas when creating the app’s UI/UX as well as the prototype in Figma. We created an app that is user-friendly, fast, and scalable. The frontend was developed using Flutter, while the backend was developed using NestJS. We thoroughly tested the app before deploying it on both Play Store and App Store.

Our Main Challenge

Deferendum Our Main Challenge

Our main challenge was that the client aimed to compete with industry giants like Facebook and WhatsApp. Consequently, it was essential for us to ensure we delivered a high-quality product, which we ultimately achieved. This challenge helped us improve the quality of our services and code. We learned a lot from this experience and were able to apply this knowledge to future projects.

Project synopsis

We had the pleasure of working with a group of passionate individuals who were eager to make a difference in the referendum and democracy sectors. Our team worked tirelessly to develop an application that would meet the client’s needs and expectations. We were able to deliver a product that was exactly what the client was looking for, and it helped them achieve their goal of making a positive impact in their community.

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