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A complete platform for Web3 & Blockchain enthusiasts where they can find blogs, tutorials and courses.


About Bware Academy

Bware Academy is an online learning platform that offers courses, tutorials, and blogs for those interested in learning how to build apps using Web3. To enroll in a course, users must create an account on Bware Academy. This allows them to keep track of their course history and progress.

The Dashboard is a more complex part of the platform where content creators can publish articles, tutorials, and courses. Notion is used as an editor to help creators write and develop engaging content more efficiently.

Client name

Bware Labs


Web3 & Blockchain

Company Size

50 - 100 employees


Web Development, UI/UX Design, DevOps

Head Office

Bucharest, Romania

Project Duration

8 months

Technology Stack

Figma, ReactJS, NextJS, NestJS, Docker, Notion, Digital Ocean CDN, MongoDB

Key Project Features

Increased performance

Developed a high-performance web app that can handle many functionalities while maintaining smooth performance and fast loading times.


Developed an easy-to-use content management dashboard to help the marketing department edit pages and content more easily.

The Use of Notion

Notion is used to write and edit content for blogs and tutorials, making the creators work efficiently.

Blogs, Tutorials and Courses

The client wanted the platform to integrate these types of content to make it more convenient for users to access all the content in one location.

Progress and Achievements

We had to create a system that tracks the user’s progress and rewards them when they complete a course to improve user satisfaction and ease of use.

Client’s Challenge

Bware Academy Client's Challenge

They aim to help people learn and develop the abilities and tools needed to become innovators in the Web3 ecosystem. To do that, they needed to develop a user-friendly learning platform, named Bware Academy, where creators will use a text editor like Notion for more features and for faster and cheaper development. Bware Academy should seamlessly integrate with the BwareLabs website, ensuring a consistent user experience across all products. The platform should be straightforward and accessible, allowing users to create accounts for course enrollment. Additionally, it should provide tutorials and blog articles for visitors without requiring them to register for an account.

How Did We Help

Bware Academy How Did We Help

We began the project by talking to the client through all the project specifics. First, we designed the platform using Figma, making sure it matched the look of Bware Labs' website as per their design guide. Then, we got down to developing the product. We collaborated closely with their QA team to ensure the product would launch smoothly, free from any visual or functional issues. Finally, we fine-tuned the platform to improve its SEO score, aiming for a high rating in LightHouse.

Our Main Challenge

Bware Academy Our Main Challenge

Our main problem was improving the platform with the latest stable version of NextJS, which turned out to be less stable than expected. We had to find solutions to the bugs in NextJS 13, and our programmers came up with clever workarounds. As a result, the final product exceeded the initial requirements.

Project Synopsis

We worked closely with Bwarelabs' design and QA team to build a user-friendly web application for Web3 and Blockchain enthusiasts. This platform offers blogs, tutorials, and courses. While the project turned out to be tougher than we thought, it helped us improve our skills and work collaboratively, making it a rewarding experience.

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