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A fully functional e-commerce website for online store that sells brand shoes


About Alura

Alura, a shoe brand from Romania, works hard to give customers high-quality shoes. They want every shoe they make to be well-made and long-lasting. Alura knows it’s important to make shoes that look good and last a long time, so they’re a good choice for people who want shoes they can depend on.

To keep their promise of quality, Alura checks every part of how they make their shoes. They pick the best materials and hire skilled workers. They do everything they can to make the best shoes possible.

Client name

Alura Shoes


Fashion & Clothing

Company Size

2 - 10 employees


Web Development, Front-end

Head Office

Bucharest, Romania

Partnership Since

March 2022

Technology Stack

HTML, CSS, MerchantPro, JavaScript, Figma

Key Project Features

Increased Performance

Enhanced the website's performance by implementing asynchronous methods for loading external scripts and shifting the emphasis from Vanilla JS scripts to CSS.

Optimizing Costs

We've streamlined development costs by rapidly initiating each project following accurate estimations in collaboration with the client.

High Availability

Our team places a strong emphasis on high availability, ensuring uninterrupted service for our clients.

Good Communication

We make sure to communicate well to work together effectively and meet our clients' needs efficiently.


Our team is adaptable and flexible, allowing us to adjust to changing circumstances and meet our clients' evolving requirements.

Client’s Challenge

Alura Client's Challenge

The client was dealing with two main issues. The first one was about creating a strong project team without spending too much on hiring and training. They were looking for people who had the necessary skills and experience and could work well together to achieve the project’s goals. This wasn’t just about finding the right people, but also ensuring that they could fit well within the team. The second issue was about finding affordable ways to form the team and manage their budget effectively. They were exploring different strategies to ensure the project’s success without overspending. They were in search of cost-efficient solutions to fulfill their objectives.

How Did We Help

Alura How Did We Help

To provide our client with the necessary assistance in overcoming their challenges, we utilized our vast expertise and skills. We conducted a thorough analysis and optimization of the project, ensuring it was as cost-effective as possible without sacrificing quality or efficiency. This approach not only maximized the project’s value but also enhanced its potential for higher visibility and ranking in search engine results. In addition, we became an integral part of their team for a considerable period. Our constant availability and quick response to every request ensured a smooth and efficient workflow. Our primary objective was to offer the support they required, acting as a dependable and productive extension of their team. This collaborative approach fostered a positive working relationship, which is a key factor in improving online visibility and reputation.

Our Main Challenge

Alura Our Main Challenge

Our main task is to find the right balance between meeting the specific needs of the client’s project and ensuring the quality of our services. We aim to adapt our solutions to fit the unique needs of the client, while keeping our services efficient and affordable. Keeping up with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the industry is a constant challenge. This is crucial for us to offer innovative solutions and stay competitive in the outsourcing market.

Project synopsis

Our team and the client have worked together in a partnership that benefits both sides. This partnership is characterized by effective communication, adaptability, and a mutual dedication to success. We’ve helped the client put together a productive project team while keeping the budget in check. This has not only fulfilled their immediate needs but also laid the groundwork for future collaboration.

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