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A mobile application for remote medical consultations with features for text chat and video calls.


About AiMedic

The concept originated from a leading occupational medicine company in Romania. AiMedic is a mobile app for Android with the ambition to transform the healthcare landscape. Its primary objective is to facilitate convenient communication with doctors regarding minor issues, reducing the need for immediate physical visits.

It enables doctors to monitor patients with ease, while also providing a cost-saving benefit for patients. Users have the option to register within the app and schedule appointments with doctors with verified credentials and backgrounds. They can choose between communicating through text chat or engaging in an audio or video call. Each appointment is prepaid by the user, directly in the app.

Client name

Medworks Network



Company Size

5 - 10 employees


Mobile Development, UI/UX Design, DevOps

Head Office

Bucharest, Romania

Project Duration

8 months

Technology Stack

Figma, Flutter, Agora, Video SDK, Stripe, NestJS, Digital Ocean CDN, MySQL, SendGrid

Key Project Features

Scheduling Appointments

Our appointment scheduling algorithm allows for automatic acceptance of appointment requests if the doctor is online. If the doctor is offline, users can select a time slot when the doctor is available, and the doctor will be notified.

Video and Audio Call

Video and audio call capabilities were crucial for this application. Considering the time-bound nature of the calls, each conversation between the user and the doctor is designed to end automatically once the appointment time ends.

Text Chat

We have also developed an in-app text chat feature that enables communication between users and doctors. This feature was built from scratch to ensure that it fits perfectly for our purposes.

In App Payments

To ensure a smooth user experience within the app, we integrated Stripe, a secure and user-friendly payment solution, for in-app transactions.

Admin Functionality

To ensure the quality of our services, we have implemented a feature that enables doctors to be invited and verified within the app. This feature was specially requested by our client, who is a doctor himself, and recognizes the importance of quality healthcare services.


Quality services are crucial, especially in the healthcare sector. That's why we added a feature to the app that allows users to provide reviews for the doctors, enhancing the functionality and ensuring top-notch service quality.

Client’s Challenge

AiMedic Client's Challenge

The client sought to revolutionize traditional medical practices. They were looking for a solution that could minimize physical interaction between the patient and the doctor, thereby saving time for both parties. They wanted to alleviate the trouble and waiting time a patient experiences when trying to schedule an appointment, even for minor issues, as well as the costs for that. The AiMedic app was conceived to meet all these needs and to simplify medical consultations, allowing users to access healthcare services from the comfort of their own homes.

How Did We Help

AiMedic How Did We Help

We initiated the project by conducting multiple meetings with the clients to identify their must-have and optional requirements for the AiMedic app. Next, we designed the UI/UX and created a prototype in Figma, where we outlined all the features that the app would have. After receiving feedback from the client and making the necessary modifications, we began the development phase. To ensure cost-efficiency, we have opted for Flutter as the main framework for our cross-platform application. Flutter is a popular choice for developing fast and efficient applications that work seamlessly across multiple platforms.

Our Main Challenge

AiMedic Our Main Challenge

The primary challenge we faced in this project was ensuring the secure storage of user data. In the healthcare sector, data privacy is of major importance. It’s not just about complying with regulations; it’s about building trust with users and ensuring that their sensitive health information is protected at all times. We had to implement robust security measures and encryption protocols to safeguard user data from any potential breaches. In addition to data security, we also had to address the issue of synchronizing the entry of users and doctors into the meeting. In a virtual healthcare setting, it’s not uncommon for users and doctors to join the meeting at different times. This can lead to confusion and wasted time, especially if the timer for video and audio calls starts as soon as the doctor initiates the meeting. To resolve this issue, we revised our approach to timing video and audio calls. Instead of starting the timer when the doctor initiates the meeting, we decided to start it only when both parties - the doctor and the user - are present in the meeting.

Project Synopsis

We collaborated with a client who wanted to revolutionize the healthcare sector by creating a mobile app for remote medical consultations. The AiMedic app was designed to facilitate communication between patients and doctors, offering text chat and video call features. Our team worked diligently to ensure the app met the client's requirements and provided a seamless user experience, ultimately transforming the way medical consultations are conducted.

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